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Caring for your BV and Co. Jewelry

Wiping down your jewelry with a cotton swab at the end of each day and conducting a personal inspection to check for loose stones, bent prongs, malfunctioning clasps and worn links is always a good habit. We also recommend you should each collection piece professionally inspected and cleaned annually. Periodic maintenance ensures that you don’t have to bear the costly expenses of repairs or face unfortunate instances of replacements.

If you notice a problem in your jewelry, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Use our contact form to get in touch and we will get back to you shortly.

]Air pollutants, perspiration, perfume, dust and other natural elements tend to dull the dazzling appearance of your gemstones and precious metals over use. Here are the tips that ensure that jewelry is always looking great.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Your sterling silver might be tarnishing already without your knowledge in the existence of everyday items which hold Sulphur like perspiration, chlorine, rubber and leather. It is recommended to avoid substances like salt water and air pollutants. No matter what you do, it is impossible to avoid these harmful particles in their entirety so a routine wiping down with our polishing cloth is recommended.  If and whenever you feel like not wearing the jewelry, store it in the complimentary pouch you received when you purchased it.

When cleaning your sterling silver jewelry, use a solution of diluted mild dish detergent and a cotton cloth. Soak the cloth in the diluted solution and gently rub your piece in one direction with it whilst taking care to avoid circular motions.

If you want to get rid of heavier tarnish you can try washing your silver jewelry with mild soap and warm water. Using anything other than a nub-free, clean flannel or cotton can be a fatal error whilst taking care of your jewelry. Dip style clean-up or silver polish solutions which take away the historic oxidation which we deliberately subject the many BV & Co. silver pieces to in order to provide them their bold look, are not recommended by us.

Cleaning Platinum and Gold jewelry

When you get down to cleaning your gold and platinum jewelry, begin by diluting dish detergent in a bowl containing warm water taking care to soak every piece for at least three to five minutes. After you have dried the pieces with a clean cloth made of cotton to make sure the residue of the dish soap solution has been removed by rinsing your jewelry in lukewarm water. Pat it dry with one piece of lint free fabric before you start wearing it again.

We at BV & Co. advise you against using a steamer, ultrasonic cleaner or any other “ at-home” jewelry cleaning chemicals ( which includes baking soda, ammonia, bleach and aluminum foil) on the gemstones. They should be exclusively cleaned with diluted mild dish soap and warm water (see above for clear instructions).

How can you avoid damaging the precious gemstones

The beautiful gemstones that attract you with their plethora of colors and shapes can be quite fragile at times. However, you can prevent almost all mishaps by taking care that your precious gemstones are not exposed to common elements such as:

  • Household Cleaning Chemicals.
  • Saltwater
  • Extreme light or heat
  • Chlorine

Nearly all gemstones, involving diamonds, can get chipped, scratched or undergo abrasion under unfortunate circumstances. It is advisable that you avoid wearing bracelets or rings while performing any kind of manual labor, which includes the possibility of being subjected to strenuous activity, excessive friction or sharp blows like in housework. 

For most of your ordinary gemstones, you can clean them using a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. But remember that if you are dealing with emeralds and rubies, you should without exception clean them with a dry cotton cloth and not a diluted soap solution.

Never attempt to remove your rings by hauling on top of the stone as the bezel or the prongs can get destroyed which would in turn make the stones loosen and ultimately fall out.

When not in use, try to storing your BV and Co. jewelry in the pouch that you had received whilst purchasing the same. Every bit of gemstone jewelry should preferably be stored separately in different pouches to prevent any unforeseen instances of excessive scratching or tarnishing.