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Entrepreneurs and designers, Briana Cristofaro and Graftan Darnall, launched the BV & Co. brand in 2015. Expanding their relationship from personal to professional, the duo collaborated to create a jewelry line for men that embodies fashion, artistry, and luxury.

BV & Co. was born when Briana purchased a piece of men’s fine jewelry for Graftan online. Although beautiful, the craftsmanship and materials were not up to par. From this experience, Briana was inspired to create something better. After approaching Graftan with the idea, Briana was able to get BV & Co. off the ground and soon after launched their first collection.

Together, Briana and Graftan have worked together to create BV & Co. through a strong business model and unparalleled design work. Their love of travel, luxury, and freedom is seen through each uniquely designed piece of jewelry. BV & Co. stands for “Bon Vivant,” which represents a lifestyle of quality and luxury they both strive to live by.   

Today, BV & Co. is sold in 40 countries, and the collection continues to grow with the addition of rings, bracelets, and necklaces made with precious metals and stones made by specialty jewelers around the world.